How to create and more than 5 examples of thesis title page

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The thesis title page is the first page of a three-year or master’s degree thesis, in which you insert the title, your name and the names of your speakers. You can add an illustration or image to give a more attractive look to your thesis.

Examples of title page

Each university provides precise instructions regarding the creation of the thesis title page. Often the position of the logo varies, the size of the characters, the information in evidence or the font used.

Here are some examples of the title page adopted by the major Italian universities. You can use them as a template to create the title page for your degree thesis!

Creation of the thesis title page on Word

Creating a title thesis title on Word is very simple. To do this you can use one of the many predefined examples available on Word. It is certainly an excellent alternative, since it is not necessary to linger too long in creating the title page for your thesis. Enter the title page of the thesis by going to “INSERT” in the Word toolbar and clicking on “Title Page”.

Insert photos or illustrations into your thesis title page

A suggestive image will surely give an extra edge to your work. You can safely use stock footage. These high definition photos look very professional. You can download stock images for free from the following websites:

  • Free Images
  • Free Photo Bank
  • Morgue File
  • Public Domain Pictures
  • Stock vault

For topics of a more abstract nature, it is often difficult to find suitable images. In this case, you can insert a cloud of labels in the title page of the thesis. You can create one (for free) on WordClouds.

Checklist for the thesis title page

  • Indicate the type of document: Are you writing a three-year, master’s, doctoral or essay essay?
  • Thesis title: A short but captivating title encourages the reader to continue reading. Center aligned, written in lowercase, bold, italic, size 20.
  • Subtitle: The subtitle can include 1 or 2 sentences explaining the main title.
  • Illustration: An illustration related to the topic of your thesis. Make sure the image is in high quality.
  • Publication date: Indicates the date of the session in which the discussion of the paper is scheduled.
  • Author’s name and surname: Do you already have an official title? Don’t forget to add it (Dott., For example), written aligned in the center, in bold capital letters and size 16.
  • Registration number: Usually it is also necessary to indicate the student’s registration number.
  • Degree course: Indicate the name of the degree course (center aligned, uppercase, bold, dimension 10).
  • Name of the institution: Indicate the name of the institution (size 17, capital letters in bold) and add the university logo in the center.
  • Function, title and name of the speaker: Do not forget to add the formal title of your speaker. You will surely find it on the faculty information page of the faculty. Next to the name, it also specifies the function performed, in this case “speaker”. Aligned right, in lowercase, bold, size 16.
  • Function, title and name of the second speaker: Specify the name, title and function of the second speaker

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