About Me

Hi! I’m Knitha Urs. Thanks for stopping by.

The wanderer with a great fashion sense and I go by a name “Knitha Urs”, My chronic itchy feet makes me wander around the world. hopelessly in love with my dogs, A free spirit and known for misadventure travels, I may even tell you the stories of ‘what not to do while travelling’ based on my experiences. Missing flights, getting robbed in unknown country and the list of my misadventures goes on…..

Traveling is a integral part of my life.I am always looking for something and craving for an unexplained fulfillment,I think that’s why I’ve fallen in love with wandering.For me travelling is liberation. Liberation of my soul from rigmaroles of life and prejudices of society.You see the very place we live in is based on certain beliefs and traditions and we tend to believe it as the ultimate truth through out our life.But travelling exposes to other ethereal cultures and traditions that exist around the world and liberates a imprisoned soul.

I am also an impulsive traveler. Unplanned journey always excites me.

I love to travel in a style that’s because of the fashionista in me and my life is incomplete without a drama.Read all my personal ramblings,fashion and beauty tips in my other blog- Ramblings Of A Drama Queen