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Kuala Lumpur is known for its very well connected local transport system around the city. If you are solo traveling in Kuala Lumpur, you must try using local transport to see the whole of Kuala Lumpur. Their incredible train system (mono rails, LRT, KLIA express, KLIA transit) can take you almost everywhere and its budget friendly way to explore Kuala Lumpur.I spoke about how I got tricked at KL sentral and got into taxi scam in my previous post. I want to put all possible information about reaching city from Kuala Lumpur international airport in one place to help all the travellers around the world and have hassle free trip. Kuala Lumpur international airport is called as KLIA in short.

How to Reach city (KL Sentral) from KLIA

You can choose to take taxi ( easy way), Bus or train. I took train as it works out cheaper for one person (MYR 55 one way). KLIA express is most convenient and time saving way to reach Kuala Lumpur city but, if you are travelling with partner or with more than one person then I would suggest take a taxi, as cost wise you wouldn’t be saving much. (taxi fare from KLIA to city would be anywhere between MYR70-100), but taxi ride can be time consuming and whole of your ride is dependent on the mercy of traffic on the road. My advice is, take train from KLIA to city only if it works out in your budget or you are into experiencing new things in life or you don’t want to take traffic jam risk on taxi ride.

After you finish your immigration and baggage claim, look for KLIA express/transit sign board and follow the sign board to catch train (It’s in level-1 and need to take lift. Depending on which floor you are in). If you have Malaysian ringgits well and good, if not you can use your credit/debit card to purchase ticket, consider exchanging money after your baggage claim if you are not a plastic card person to avoid trip back to exchange money. You can choose KILA express/transit to reach city. KILA express takes about 28-30 min to reach and KLIA transit takes 33-40min. If you are staying close to the city central, then KLIA express is best option as it doesn’t stop anywhere in between from KLIA to KL sentral. Ticket costs about MYR 55 for KLIA express train ride to KL Sentral. From KL Sentral either you can take LRT, monorail or taxi depending on where you staying. Be careful while you approach prepaid taxi counter (Budget taxi/ meter taxi ) in KL sentral. There are few scammers standing there to take you on an expensive taxi ride. I was careless and ended up paying MYR 100 from Kl sentral to KLCC where as it just costs MYR10 if you take prepaid meter taxi or Uber.

KILA express fare – MYR 55, You can buy your tickets online prior to your arrival in KLIA on their website and you can look for some promos also to save few bucks. Tickets bought online or in counter is valid for 30 days. Check for ticket promos HERE

Train timings -Operates between morning 5 AM to 12.30 AM and available every 15 minutes, my waiting time was less than 5 minutes on to and fro journey.

Taxi fare from KLIA to city – costs about 70-100 MYR, always go to prepaid  taxi counter to avoid taxi scams or use Uber to get to the city.

Bus fare from KLIA to city – costs between MYR 10 and takes about an hour to reach depending on traffic on the road. Bus is the cheapest way to reach city from KLIA. If you are on a budget trip then bus is your cost effective option. Check more about it HERE

If you are travelling in Malaysian airlines or Air Asia, you have option to check in your luggage and get boarding pass at KL sentral on your way back, provided you are travelling back to KLIA through train. I did this on my return and I will write more about it in detail in one of my Kuala Lumpur series posts.

Hope this post helps you to plan your Kuala Lumpur trip, if I have missed anything or you have any first-hand experience, please let me know and I shall update this post with credits.


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