hean Hou temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After my taxi scam bout and full night research on local transportation of Kuala Lumpur, next day morning I sat on my breakfast table with a most difficult question- from where do I start my Kuala Lumpur venture? Which would be my first stop?  This is the most difficult riddle to solve when you land in a city without any plans and decide over night to explore a city in budget friendly ways (Which you haven’t done ever in life). All I have is 3 daysand what all to cover in 2 days using local transport? In a spur of a moment, I gave up all my local transport adventure. Went to the hotel concierge to ask If they have any group tour to squeeze in. Only to get back to square one as their daily trip is full.

I took a walk to nearby start bucks, sat with a coffee and started thinking all over again. Firstly, I have two option, either to spend a day reading some good book in a nice café or and do things as planned last night. When I took my last sip of coffee, I was determined once again to stick on to last night’s plan. I decided to visit a Thean Hou temple because it was popping up in almost every must visit in KL’s research. No, I am not a spiritual person.

How to get to Thean Hou Buddhist temple from KLCC?

There wasn’t much information available on internet about how to get to Thean Hou temple from KLCC . Hence, I approached information centre in KLCC LRT station. Guy behind counter was very patient and helpful. He even wrote down everything in a piece of paper so I don’t miss out anything.

I took a LRT from KLCC to Dang wangi and from there mono rail to Tun sambanthan. Thean Hou Buddhist temple is situated on Robinson hill. Its not at walk able distance from Tun Sambanthan train station. I hailed a taxi from the other side of the road to temple and it costed me about MYR 5. While getting back from Thean Hou temple, I couldn’t find any taxi on the hill top and to my luck even Uber wasn’t available. I had to walk down the hill to catch a taxi. Better be aware of your walking tolerance or pre-book your taxi to avoid walking down the hill.

Thean Hou Temple Entrance Fee – FREE

My Experience at Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou temple, Kaula Lumpur, MalaysiaThean Hou temple is one of the most visited Buddhist temple in Kuala Lumpur. Temple was bright and colourful like any other Chinese temple. I had lots of expectations as this temple is very much hyped in trip advisor. I was expecting to see monks indulged in meditation or prayers but what I saw was contrary to that. The whole temple looked tourist attraction and monks were busy clicking pictures. I even had to be a photographer to a monk. Later a monk got chatty with me and I wasn’t comfortable talking to him as he gave me negative vibes. I had to just leave the temple premises to avoid the monk.

Thean Hou temple, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia

People were quite respectful and mindful of their behavior inside the temple. Apart from finely crafted sealing, nothing else caught my attention inside the temple.

Thean Hou temple, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia

Outside the temple, sight of Petronas towers and Menara tower were delightful scene from behind those colourful roofing of temple. Unfortunately, rain Gods were in their best of moods and wanted to shower the city and on my dreams of capturing good pictures. I tried my best to capture good view of infamous Petronas towers and Menara, by then, inquisitive monk was behind my back. He wasn’t ready to leave me alone at all and I am not good at handling such people. There is a Turtle park behind the temple. I just had to skip it, so I can get away from annoying monk.

Thean Hou temple, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia


My suggestion is,If you are on short trip to Kuala Lumpur, you can strike off this temple from your list. As it’s not worth an effort to go all the way there. If you are a spiritual person, you may be able to see the temple in different aspect than mine. Without any doubt, I enjoyed my first local train venture in KL to reach this temple in as less money as possible. My first Budget Travelling in Kuala Lumpur was satisfactory and I think, I needed this trip to get accustomed with local train system of KL. Apart from reaching there using local train, I dont think I have much experience to share about Thean Hou temple.

Happy wandering

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