I belong to the group of people who are dependent on their cars, If my car breaks down for a day my entire day goes kaput, I literally cant function like a normal human being if my car decides to take garage route. I know there are plenty of cab options but again you cant have freedom of being on your own. I got an invitation from Voler group for their self drive car launch last week in Bangalore and I was happy to hear one more self drive car option in the market.

Being an international traveller, I have experienced hiring and driving a self drive cars, I prefer to have my own transportation if I am planning to stay for a longer period in a certain city as it gives me the freedom of travelling around freely. Last time when I was in Australia, I hired a self drive car and went around to explore places on my own than depending on travel agents or travel groups. I always wished that even in India this self drive car culture gets popular. I was happy to see one of the self drive car coming into the market couple of years ago but my experience in booking their car was not user friendly. Firstly, a decent car needs a good chunk as a security deposit and that’s a great inconvenience, I once wanted to book a scorpio for 4 days and my security deposit rocketed more 20,000 and after calculating charges for 4 days, I was like, let me hire a cab. That’s my first experience to book self driven car in India and after that never ventured with it ever again, but now I think I am going to use Voler self drive cars as they are consumer friendly and not too much of drama involved once it comes to money part.

They have a simple policies – 5000Rs is the security deposit (refundable) and take any car. They will give you full tank fuel at the time of taking car and you also have to give them back car with full tank fuel (doesn’t matter how many kilometers you drive in rental period). Their tariff starts from minimum 30RS/hr and decent car like swift costs about 55RS/hr which is decent enough. If you hire a swift for 24hrs, its going to cost about 1,320 Rs and I bet you don’t get a cab service for one entire day with that price.

They have standard set of policies like you should be over 18yrs to hire the car and have valid driving licence which is fair enough. They also have pick up and drop service at your door step.

How Voler Works ?

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At present, Voler is functioning in Delhi and Bangalore, soon this will be launched in all major cities. Next time, if my car breaks down, all I am going to do is book voler online and wait for the car to get dropped at my door step and get on with my day like a normal human being.
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