View from Penang hill, Malaysia

I chose one fine day to visit Penang hill during my stay in Penang. I have been told, if you donโ€™t visit Penang hill then your Penang trip is incomplete. After my George Town venture, I decided to make a visit to Penang hill to complete my Penang stay. I started around 10.30 am from my hotel Holidayinn at Batu Ferrenghi in my pre-booked taxi for 5 hrs at the price of 25 MYR per hour. My taxi driver was all set to sell me all possible tourist stuff, he made his first stop at Penang white coffee shop, I had to buy some coffee packs to keep my driver happy so I can have peaceful drive to Penang hills.ย Usually, these drivers get their commission from these shops for every sale made through them and if you donโ€™t want a cranky driver for the rest of the day, its better to buy something to keep the driver happy.

My Experience On Penang Hill, Malaysia

After my Coffee buying drama to contribute to Malaysian economy, I made it to the foot of Penang hill around12.30 PM. You can either walk to the top of the hill or take train. I preferred the later one as I wasnโ€™t in great mood for adventure. I was expecting a long Que for train tickets but I got my ticket in few seconds. For your information, there is an express Que as well, if you are impatient and want to reach on top soon, then you can opt for express Que (express Que is open during peak crowd). Train ride was just 10 minutes and I wanted a last seat to take train ride video but the place was occupied by someone else. While coming down, I made sure to stand in front of the Que so, I can occupy last seat and shoot the video.(Video is at the end of this post).
Penang hill trainBit about Penang Hills
Penang Hills is also known as ‘Bukit Bendara’, Its about 2750 feet above the sea level and 6km away from Penang city. This prominently looking, forested hill was used as retreat by British during colonial period of Malaysia. In earlier days horseback or sedan chair were the only transportation means to reach on top of the hill and later in 1923 funicular railway was built. There are many Bungalows which are built in 17th century and used as retreats by British colonist. In recent years Penang hill is famous among tourist’s must do things in Penang.
View from Penang Hill Malaysia
Train Ticket cost – 30 MYR/adult (Foreigners) Trains are availble every 15-20minutes. I didnt wait for more than 5 minutes to catch my train ride. Check out penang hill’s information website as they keep running promotions to get better deal on tickets.-

My Experience on Penang Hill
I was all excited to take some awesome panoramic view of Penang hills but disappointment was waiting at the top of the hill as it was foggy day. But still I tried my best to take some good pictures. Weather was very pleasant on top of the hill and it was contrast to the humidity I experienced in Penang city.
Highlights of the hill views are – Penang bridge, Penang Mosque, Penang stadium but I couldnt capture much because of the not so photography friendly weather.
View from Penang Hill Malaysia
I had to add lots of filter while editing this pic to make the Penang bridge prominent. Thanks to all those photo editing apps.
I wandered around on top of the hill for a while, you have quite few options to experience. There is a mosque and temple if you are spiritual person,. If you are a nature lover then you can explore flora and fauna of the hill. If you are with your partner then you can head to love lock bridge or create a wax replica (price involved) of your and your loved one’s hand. Read all about what you can do on Penang hill’s information website –

During my visit here, Penang hills wasn’t crowded, it was very peaceful on the top. Though I wasn’t lucky on photography part, I enjoyed the weather on top. I was all baked in Penang heat and my visit to hill felt like a heaven. I had my lunch at one of the restaurant followed with much needed beer.

Things to Do in Penang
If you are adventure seeker, then try walking up on top of the hill as you get to experience alot, if you are a lazy bum (not always) like me then enjoy the train ride. I would also suggest to check weather condition before planning your Penang hill trip if you are keen on taking good hill view pictures.
Happy Wandering
Knitha Urs

Watch Train ride From Penang Hill Timelapse Video Below

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