LRT Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After spending seven nights in Penang, I reached Kuala Lumpur to spend my remaining 3 nights of my holiday. When I booked my Penang stay, I wasn’t sure about spending time in Kuala Lumpur, by 7th day, my wandering soul was saturated with Penang and started desiring KL. Hence did my staying arrangements for my KL trip on my last day in Penang. My travels are incomplete without a touch of misadventure, anyway blogosphere needs blogger like me to tell the world what not to do while travelling to help other travellers. My Penang trip went well without much of a drama apart from one mood spoiler incident in HolidayInn resort. I got into the KL’s flight without having an idea what Kl is going to unfold for me.

Story of an Expensive Taxi Ride

I landed at around 9 PM by Air Asia flight at Kl airport without a plan or research data in hand . After collecting my bag, I sat down and did quick research on how to reach my hotel which was close to Petronas towers. I am usually a lazy woman who prefers to toss bag in the taxi and reach where am I supposed to, but after reading about KL’s local transport, my budget living soul awakened from nowhere and decided to take train from airport to the city. I bought KLIA express ticket to KL sentral and I reached Kl sentral around 10.30 Pm. I slept on my train ride, when I woke up to get down at Sentral, I was still sleepy. I knew that I need to take another train from Kl Sentral to KLCC and I was looking for ticket counter to buy ticket,With one big trolly bag, one cabin luggage and one hand bag, I was looking like a amateur traveller (I cant change myself on packing bit). My sleepy head took me to nearby counter which turned out to be taxi counter, there was a lady standing close to the counter and she enquired where am I going, I told her that I am looking for a ticket counter to buy ticket to KLCC. She said that trains are not available at this hour (LIE and my budget living soul was in sleeping mode too to catch that lie) and I need to take taxi. I saw a que in front of taxi stand which read meter taxi, I went to join the que, again lady came running behind me and said it’s not safe to take meter taxi at this hour as its risky, soon I glanced the que and there was not even one female apart from me in line and that forced me to get lured to take a private taxi from her counter. My sleepy head just followed what she said and tell you all, it costed me a bomb for being careless. I paid MYR 100 from KL Sentral to KLCC !!. Meter taxi or Uber cost around MYR10 and I was taken for a royal ride that night. Soon after I sat in taxi, I realised that I made a fool out of myself but I was left with no option other than sitting and sulking on my expensive taxi ride. My budget traveling in Kuala Lumpur had a good start. I wasn’t sure to laugh or cry over my situation. Hope this Kuala Lumpur travel experience will put some responsible travel sense into me.

After reaching my hotel (Le Apple boutique hotel), I got to know, I am staying few meters away from local train station. This piece of information was like rubbing salt on my wound. After checking in (around 11 pm), I sat down and did a thorough research on Kl’s local transportations. Mono rails, LRT are integral part of Kl local’s lifestyle. You can reach almost everywhere with these transport systems. After my research I was determined to explore whole KL using local transport and my mental calculation said if I depend on local transportation, I wouldn’t spend much on traveling, that means lots of money for shopping in KL!

By the time I finished my research it was 1 AM, I was hungry and coffee shop in my hotel was closed, went out to see if I can find some food. Right in front of my hotel there was a 24hrs food joint called Nasi Kandar palita. Ate some delicious Indo-Malaysian food. I went on a walk till Petronas towers at that hour, I must say it’s quite safe for woman to walk in a wee hour. I didn’t feel intimidated even for a second to walk on the road. Petonas twin towers looked immensely elegant in midnight. There were few photography enthusiasts trying to take their best shots and few mid night owls trying out selfie. It was different feeling to go near petronas from what I experienced next day evening, when it was crowded.
Petronas Towers. Kuala lumpur, malaysia


Petronas Towers. Kuala lumpur, malaysia


From my above experience, I would say, taxi fare in Kuala lumpur is reasonably priced but like anywhere else there are people to make money out of you, so stay alert.  I went to sleep that night with lots of expectation out of Kl and quite thrilled about exploring Kl with local transport, read more in my following Kuala Lumpur series blogs about my whole experience, I wasn’t disappointed by 3 rd day, I reached Kl international airport like a pro traveller using local trains and when I got down from train in airport with my trolley bag in tow, it was a great feeling of accomplishment.

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