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I made it to the airport like always just before airlines closes their gate, story is no different from any time before; I still don’t get it ,why I end up doing lots of work just before my big travels. I was running errands till 7 pm and then reached home, packed my bags for my 10 long day trip in record time (dis-organized traveler), and then the truth hit me hard that I haven’t booked my cab to airport. I may not have organizing skills but I must say I am quite talented at crisis management; in last minute drove my car to the airport and parked it in long term parking (actually it works out cheaper for 10 days, compare to cab, only disadvantage is, it’s hard to drive back after a long vacation and flight). I was literally exhausted by the time I finished checking in, immigration and security. Finally, I had time to have quick dinner and a beer before boarding, (I usually finish eating before boarding midnight flights and so I can put my eye mask and doze off once I board the flight). I finally started thinking about my trip clearly over my beer, I was all excited about how much I am going to write about this trip in my blog and then my twin sister aka sub conscious mind woke up for once and reminded me that my Cambodia trip which I took five months ago is still pending and a month ago Goa trip experience is still pending. As I made peace with my twin sister and convinced her that this time my Malaysia Travelogue will definitely make it to my blog, I heard a boarding call, headed towards aircraft to start my another solo travelling journey -Malaysia here I come

Solo Indian female traveller in Malaysia

I stepped into the Kuala lumpur International airport, I sensed how familiar I am with this airport, I have spent at least 8 times in transit here in last 2 years but for the first time I am getting out of this airport. So, technically I have been in Malaysia for 8 times. I finished my immigration and took KLIA transit train to KLIA2 as I had to catch one more flight to Penang. I stayed in Penang for 6 days and rest other days in kuala lumpur. I have lots of first-hand travel experience of Malaysia to share and this time I will make a honest effort to write about it. Keep an eye on my blog for my next page from Malaysian diary.PS- I bought a new DSLR, so expect some good quality pictures here after

Malaysian tourism takes great interest in promoting their culture, here is a traditional Malaysian dance video I shot at Penang airport, before heading from Penang.

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