Betul Fort, South Goa

I wrote about my one day serene stay in Carmona Goa and spoke about things I did in my previous post. We visited couple of historical places around Carmona. Goa’s historical importance has lost somewhere in the sea as people relate Goa only to its beautiful beaches.
I am writing about my Betul fort experience in this post to help fellow travellers to see historical side of Goa. Add this on to your list of things to do in south Goa.

History Of Betul Fort, South Goa

Beautiful Betul fort is an evidence which screams the ruins of historical places in Goa. View from the fort is panoramic and you can see river Sal emptying into Arabian Sea with a view of Mabor beach. It’s a unique experience to stand at the tip of the fort to watch the junction of river and sea.


This place is for all those nature lovers, as well as for history lovers.
Though the government is oblivion about Betul fort, few history enthusiasts has done a good job in restoring this place to an extent.

Betul Fort South Goa

We drove through a narrow road passing a small fishing village before reaching the fort which has still old Goan essence. Batul fort was built in 1679 by Hawaldar of Balli on the orders of king Shivaji.

Canon facing the river Sal which joins the Arabian Sea at this point is the proof of the defense structure followed those days.


There is a small chapel too, if you are a spiritual person, amidst of nature and the history ruins, you can try searching God here.<br.
After Shivaji’s death, later in 1763, this fort came under control of Portuguese and they built custom house, post office and police station.


How to reach Betul Fort?

We were staying in Carmona and had our own car, it took about 20 minutes to reach here from Carmona.
From Margoa, it’s about 32 Km and it may take about 45-60minutes to reach from Margoa.
If you are travelling to South Goa, do not forget to add Betul fort into your itinerary and update me, if I have missed something to mention in my post.
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