Batu Ferringhi is not only famous among beach bums but also among shopaholics for its famous night market. It’s a side walk market (bazar), known as ‘Pasar Malm’ among locals. Batu Ferringhi costal stretch has many beach side hotels and resorts and during the day time the whole stretch of road is drop dead but by evening whole street gets vibrant because of the night market.

I was staying in HolidaInn and I had a chance to witness silent roads in the day time and totally opposite vibrantly light up evenings in Batu Ferringhi. Usually vendors start putting up the stalls around 5pm and goes on past 12Am depending on weather condition. Night market plays a significant role in keeping the night life alive and pulling the crowd at Batu Ferringhi.

My experience at Batu Ferringhi Night market

I make it a point to visit local markets where ever I go that is because I can’t upset my shopaholic soul and it also gives an opportunity to shop local specialities and meet locals. When I saw this market arising in the evenings, I was super excited to go around this market. I think I had high expectations looking at all vibrancy but the market wasn’t up to my expectation. If you have gone to night markets or any street markets in other Asian countries, you will understand where I am coming from. Its same old fake goods but what you find here are not up to the mark. I have shopped fake goods in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Cambodia, Singapore but Batu Ferringhi night market is nowhere close to what you get in any of those countries.


What to shop in Batu Ferringhi Night Market?
Almost every shop is fake bags or fake watches stalls which didn’t grab my attention. If you are looking to buy something to take back home, then you should consider buying handmade home decors. I picked up a handmade candle stand from a Chinese vendor. You can also pick up cheap souvenirs like show piece Malaysia miniatures, wall plates to give it your near ones at back home, consider shopping this only if you don’t have plans of traveling anywhere else in Malaysia, if not it doesn’t make sense to stuff up your luggage here as you get this in whole of Malaysia.
So my shopping pick here is home decors.



I also picked up few night wear slips which had George town’s famous street art paintings, as I am typing this blog post, I am wearing the same night wear. These cloths are going to keep my Malaysian memories alive till they worn out. I regret about not picking up tote bags which had street art painting, that would have been good fashion souvenir which I could have used. You can also pick up pirated DVDs but personally I don’t support piracy.


My advice is, don’t keep any high expectation out of this market but if you are in Penang you should experience this if you have a similar taste as mine. There are many hawker’s stall and I have been told that you get delicious food here. So if you are food lover and love to stroll around, then this is the place for you. There are plenty of bars around but the bar scene is nowhere close to George Town.
Its as usual street bargaining here- vendor quotes high price and you have to bring out your best to take the best deal home.
Happy Wandering
Knitha Urs

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