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I have a magical connection with Goa. Somehow I end up making a trip to Goa every now and then, this time in the name of car rally organised by Times of India to support and spread awareness for the cause of cancer prevention. It was a two days rally from Bangalore to Goa and I assure you all, we girls had lots of fun, forgot to mention, it was all women’s car rally and my new wheels had a chance to visit Goa in the name of rally.

This time, I ended up staying in south Goa. I just had one day to enjoy south Goa(Excluding day of arrival) Stayed in a cozy budget place called Lazy frog in a small village called Carmona. Its about 13kilo meters from Margoa town. I simply enjoy whole of Goa, both South and North Goa has its own flavour to offer a traveller. I enjoy hustle bustle of North Goa and at the same time I enjoy serenity of South Goa.

This time, I had a chance to venture out south Goa bit more and explored quite a few places which are not exploited much by tourist crowd. Roy, the owner of Lazy frog who is also a native Goan gave us tips about visiting places and I must admit, those were some worthy tips and our one day stay in south Goa became memoriable. You can read the review about Lazy Frog, Carmona, Goa in my good friend Freya’s blog – Life As Freya- Life As Freya- Lazy Frog review

We enjoyed our one day stay in south Goa and Did many things too, Read all about it here.
Carmona beach, from Lazy frog was just 1 Km away. On our day of arrival, we ended up having our lunch on one of the shack on Carmona beach .

Carmona beach, South Goa

Again next day morning we had our breakfast and spent good first of the day on the beach. We checked out FisherMan’s Warf for lunch and followed with visiting few places.
After our lunch in Fisherman’s Warf, we drove down to Betul fort which gives a panoramic view River Sal joining the Arabian sea.I will write more about it in an another post.

Betul Fort, south Goa, Goa

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After spending quite a good time here, we drove towards Cabo De Rama fort and we made it to the beautiful sunset. Once again this place is for historical and nature lovers. After checking out the fort, we went and sat in a cliff to enjoy the sunset. It was very peaceful as there were literally no one around and enjoyed the serenity with a beautiful sunset.

Cabo De Rama Fort, south Goa

I will make one more post about Cabo De Rama and give you all the details about it. I had a half heart to stay back but my travel partners were in hurry to get back home and I had to some how convince myself about driving back to Bangalore next day. It was just two days trip but a day in Goa is enough for me to recharge and rejuvenate myself. If you are looking for a serene holiday in Goa, then South Goa is the place to visit.

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