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Aren’t we all music lovers? I haven’t met a single person who said- ‘I hate music ‘till date. We all are connected to music in some or other way. Few express their love for music and few silently enjoy the music. A good music can make you a time traveler to an exotic place where you have been or visualized in images. Ear blasting music on your car’s stereo can be therapeutic when you are on very long solo drive. A soothing romantic music can become a invisible bridge between two loving souls.

Music and travel has magical relationship and during my travels, unknowingly I connect with music. We all travel for a reason and I travel in search of something in life and sometimes I end up finding something very beautiful and while doing that, I have come across some soul stirring music on the streets of unknown countries. While traveling, I have come across music which represents the culture of the destination and helps me to understand the destination better and learn about their heritage in musical way.

During my travel across the world, I have stumbled upon many buskers who are either making a living out of the music or earning money for specific goal of their life. It doesn’t matter what’s the intention behind busking, but these buskers attracts many travelers and helps them to connect themselves emotionally with place. I have lost myself in the essence of their music on the streets of unknown countries. Buskers play major role through their music in connecting a true traveler with the destination by evoking thousands of emotions inside a traveler’s heart. Here I am uploading couple of street talent videos from the streets of Australia, which I captured during my travels.
Buskers on the streets of Australia
I stumbled upon this cute teenage busker- Steffi while wandering on the streets of surfers paradise, Gold coast, Australia. She has a soulful voice and she made many people to forget what they are doing and listen to her music. Her card read, she is busking to fund herself for a music college and may her dreams come true. Sorry about low quality video. I blame my videography skills.

I found this gem while I lost my navigation during my shopping spree in St.Kilda’s Esplanade market, Melbourne, Australia. He goes by name Camindie. His guitar strings out some great healing sounds. I spent good time listening to his music which helped me to relive my stress caused by shopping.

Local music that represents the culture of the destination
Aborigines of Australia play a major role in representing the history of Australia. Today’s Aboriginal music is tell-tale stories of many thousand years old existence of their indigenous race. A big wooden trumpet you see in the video is one of their musical instrument and it is called as Didgeridoo. Music and dance is integral part of their lifestyle. They have defined music and dance for every occasions. Be it a fishing or a marriage or a clan’s traditional ceremony, they have a music and dance which represents the occasion.

Cambodian music is a representation of geographical and historical relationship with neighboring countries and music of Cambodia is derived from rich Khmer empire and highly influenced by Hindu Gods. Musical instrument which you can see in video is called as Roneat (bamboo xylophone). Their music is very much ear soothing and relaxing. If you have traveled Thailand, Vietnam and other neighbor countries, this music can make you a time traveler and take you back to all those countries in a moment.

Above videos are from my wandering vault across the globe. Music and travel can be addictive and at the same time its therapeutic. When you visit a new place or country, try understanding their music to get a better insight of the culture and if you come across a busker-help and support them to keep the music alive for our next generation.

Happy wandering

Knitha Urs

Ps- All the above videos are truly mine and shot during my travels and uploaded in my youtube channel.

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