Solo Female Traveller Tips

A family portrait under Eifel tower or a picture on beach with your loved one looks good on photo frame and at the same time solo picture in front of Taj mahal also gives a content feeling. Traveling with friends and family is always fun but solo traveling gives you an opportunity to taste different shades of fun element.

Solo traveling is liberating and helps you to connect within yourself and helps you to be a better human being. Here are five fantastico reasons for Indian women to consider solo traveling.

To overcome fear and insecurities
We Indian woman always have father, brother or a husband to make sure, your seats are reserved in bus, you made it to the airport on time and also if you miss flight or seat in a bus you are sure that male in your life will find a solution for it. Try solo traveling, you will challenge your own fear and insecurities. I once lost my flight and I had to find another flight to reach my destination. I got into a delayed flight situation in an unknown country where I was supposed to take connecting flight to my destination and spent hours in an unknown country’s airport sleeping on a waiting area chairs. Once, I lost my baggage and had to get through the day with smelly cloths I had been wearing from long hour flight till I got my bags and recently when I went to Cambodia, I was robbed on the street- All these situations, helped me to overcome my fears and insecurities. It’s not a nice feeling to get into the situation in first place but once you got over, it’s a sense of being fearless, sense of solving your problems independently and trust me, its a fantastico sense of achievement feeling in life.

To taste the freedom
When you travel with friends, family or partners, you always need to make sacrifice in the whole trip to keep the essence of joy of the trip or you have to stick to the itinerary your fellow travelers wants. Try traveling solo, you don’t need to make any such compromises. You are an introvert, extrovert, or whomever you are but you will have freedom to be what you want to be and do what you like to do when you take up solo trips. You may like to spend whole day sitting inside hotel room, watching a silly soap on TV or listening to your favourite music by ordering room service to enjoy your ‘me time’ and yes you have freedom to this if you consider solo travelling. It’s a fantastico feeling to taste the real freedom.

To meet new people
I am inspired from novel ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, her book inspired me to take up travelling seriously. You never know, you may meet your soul mate while travelling. You get to interact with new people and make new friends when you travel alone and yes, only if you prefer to. Most of us live a life like a frog in well, solo travelling lets you to meet and interact with new people and also helps you to have a right approach in life. Life is not all about the problems or happiness you or your people around you have seen. Life has lots of experience to offer you, meet new people, listen to their stories and change your attitude towards life. You may even make an impact in some stranger’s life or other way around. Right attitude development is one of the fantastico reason to travel solo.

To boost your confidence
Have you watched movie ‘Queen’ by actress Kangana ranaut? If you have’nt, go buy a DVD and watch it. Movie is all about an Indian woman who goes through a heart break and goes on her honeymoon package to Europe which she bought before her wedding. It’s all about a woman who was depended on others even to go the coffee shop near her home. First time she goes on her own on an international trip and comes back home with a clarity on her own life and steps out from airport like a confident woman. Yes, this is what it does if you consider traveling solo. One of the fanatstico reason for Indian women to travel solo is to boost confidence.

To connect within yourself
Solo traveling, lets you to connect within and helps you to make better decisions in life. I once ran away from home on solo expedition when I had to make a major decision in my life and I was confused about making right choices in life. All I knew before taking up that solo trip was, I wanted to be alone to think over my life happenings. I listened my heart and took up a solo trip for few days without a cell phone so I can cut off completely from real world. This helped me to connect within myself well, taught me to think over the situation without a rational mind, when I went back home, I knew what I wanted out of my life, Aren’t you happy with your present job? Boyfriend? Or whatever? Just take a solo trip and connect with in yourself to make better decision for your own life. Solo traveling makes a great impact in your life and teaches you to love yourself.
Above five fantastico reasons for Indian women to travel solo is based on my solo traveling experience over the years. Consider taking up solo traveling at least once in life time and see the fantastico magic it does on your life.

Happy Wandering
Knitha Urs

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