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Time is the biggest enemy sometimes, I realised it when I
visited Perth in the month of July. I just had one evening to explore the city,
though the Perth has so much to offer for a traveller and I was unfortunate as I
just had one evening to feel and enjoy everything in the city. I couldn’t
uncover everything a Perth can offer for a wanderlust like me, but I made sure to enjoy myself and fall in love with the city in one evening.

After a long flight from Bangalore to Perth with one hour
transit in Kualalumpur Malaysia, I was super excited like a kid who is travelling
for the first time in flight as my flight approached the Perth city. I took
some pictures from my flight window and I must say, Perth looked very

Where did I stay in Perth?
I stayed in ‘Seasons of Perth’ hotel. I got a good deal from and it was value for money stay. Nothing extraordinary about this
hotel but very comfortable and spacious room which is good enough to spend a day or
two especially when you are on business trips. It’s situated in CBD, hence easy accessible
for almost everything during a short trip. It’s an old building but very
well maintained. Here are some pictures of the hotel.

Spacious room and decent bathroom, with all the required amenities, It was more than enough for my short stay. I couldn’t check out the pool and restaurant here, as my stay was very short.

Evening, I hailed a taxi to Northbridge and did some pub hopping. It was a week day and street wasn’t crowded, I actually wanted the feel of crowd to lift my mood and absorb myself in the essence of locals, anyway pub and restaurant hopping fixed that problem for me. I started my evening by visiting Out back jacks bar and grill at James street,North bridge. Its a fine dining place but for me, dinner was last thing in my mind at that time .

Out back jacks has outlets in many cities across Australia. They are famous for their Steaks and Aussie meet delicacies, are you an adventurous foodie? Then you should visit here to try out, Emu, Crocodile,kangaroo and other meat delicacies. I am not an adventurous foodie and also not much of meat person. I ordered for a garlic prawns and it was very delicious and this one is true bliss for sea food lovers.

Like I said if you are an adventurous foodie, then this may interest you- take up 1 kg steak challenge and get huge discount on your total bill, bear this in mind, this challenge also comes with terms and conditions.

Next I visited, La Cholita on William street,Northbridge. Nice ambience,nice mexican food and nice bar, what more you can ask for? Staff was very friendly and attentive, even took time to explain the menu.

Started with corn chips and cocktail (dont remember what I had..*drunk*) followed with crumbled prawn tacos and veg quesadillas.

They have a see through floor, which gives a view of cellar.This one creeped me out as I was bit drunk, but after I realisied what it was, wanted to take picture but my drunken mind out smarted my photography skills.

Though I had just a day in Perth, I definetly fell in love with the city and would love to go back and explore the city to the core. I am sure my itchy feet will definetly take me to Perth again in my life time, till then I am going to relish all those memories of one day and evening in Perth.
Happy Wandering
Knitha Urs

Written by knitha urs
The wanderer with a fashion sense and I go by a name "Knitha Urs", My chronic itchy feet makes me wander around the world.hopelessly in love with my dogs, A free spirit and known for misadventure travels,I may even tell you the stories of 'what not to do while travelling' based on my experiences. Missing flights, getting robbed in unknown country and the list of my misadventures goes on.....