St.Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
St.Kilda is one of the must visit place in Melbourne and If you are planning to visit Melbourne, Australia do not forget to add this place into your itinerary as it offers a unique experience. Melbourne’s famous beach, St.Kilda beach is located here and it is just 6KM from Melbourne CBD. This also a backpacker’s paradise, as there are many backpacker’s hostels and its cheap stay too. If you are a traveller you can choose St.kilda to be your travelling base as you get to meet many travellers and can exchange notes.

I visited St.Kilda beach on one evening and took a long walk along the beach side. As it was evening, there were many locals enjoying the walk under palm trees, cycling, skating, and kite surfing. If you are looking for an inspiration to get into fitness routine, St.Kilda is the beach to visit because, you get to see many fitness enthusiast working out.


If you are a history lover then you shouldn’t miss visiting St. Kilda pier. Its history date backs to 1850 mainly used to unload timber and other building materials to St. Kilda and it also has gone through a many reconstructions. It’s been a recreational center for locals and tourists for centuries. Panoramic view of port Philip bay and sky line is something you shouldn’t miss, if you love visualizing and experiencing the nature. Present pier is reconstructed after it was burnt down in 2003 in a fire tragedy.
Sculpture of Captain James Cook at St.Kilda was  installed in 1914 in honor of ‘discoverer’ of east coast of Australia. This sculpture is a replica from sculpture of Captain James Cook and it was donated by Mr. Andrew stenhouse
This Picture was taken just before sunset. walk on the St.Kilda beach is real bliss. You get to see a various shades of nature’s beauty and its amazing to see how nature’s beauty gets better as time passes here.
St. Kilda is a vibrant place, its day or night, it has got something to offer you. If you are looking for a palate show then head to Fitzroy Street and head to Acland streets for some great cake tasting and bakery stuff. Night life in St. Kilda is just fun, I didn’t do much in the night in my last visit, but during my first visit to St.Kilda in way back 2014, I happen to go out with two German girls (Travellers) whom I met and shared accommodation for few days. Here is a picture on Instagram.
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If you are planning to visit Melbounre Australia, do not forget to vist St.Kilda.
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