Renault Lodgy Review - #LiveLodgycal Drive

Few weekends ago, I was invited to Goa, along with 39 bloggers across the country by Renault India in association with to drive their new MPV range Renault Lodgy. I already made a post about my entire trip experience, now its time for me to write my review about the car.

You all know from my previous post that Renault India gave us a royal hospitality, just because of that you don’t get to read a biased review. It’s going to be my honest review about my experience. I believe in expressing my honest thoughts while reviewing because, I know my review would help someone to make a decision and I don’t want a person to be misled by my review.


Below review is purely based on my personal experience.
French auto giant-Renault is trying really hard to set their foot on Indian market. Only Renault duster, compact SUV has made an impact in Indian market, rest all Renault car range hasn’t done any noticeable impacts. Renault has launched many cars into the market in very short span and now the new entry to the market is MPV range called Renault Lodgy.
Renault lodgy, as name says – Multi Purpose vehicle, entire car is designed as per the standards of MPV. Right now Indian MPV market is ruled by Toyota Innova, Mobillo, Etriga. Now the new edition to MPV world is Renault lodgy and it looks promising in giving a good fight for these MPVs in market. Lodgy is smaller than Innova and bigger than mobillo & Etriga.

Looks and Interior
Lodgy looks boxy and prominent chrome stripes in the nose just a distraction from boxy-look feeling from front view. Large head lamps and angled edges are added beautifying characters to conceal the boxy look and this illusion creation actually works. Rear has medium sized tail lamps with uniquely shaped to give angular look but doesn’t do much good to conceal a flat and boxy look from rear view.15’’ Wheels are big disappointment as it looks too small on a bulky body.

Interiors are done using good quality plastic, wisely chosen interior color combination gives you a more airy feeling inside. Piano black center console gives a premium feel. Plenty of storage space is provided in the car, which grabs attention of our Indian mind set.

All the three rows has roof mounted AC and 12 volt charging sockets .Over all I am happy with the interiors. If you want to enjoy the best interiors, high end model is your best bet.

Space and Seating
Lodgy has a longer wheel base and that explains the more room inside and it comes as 7 or 8 seater option. First and second row has enough leg room but third row lacks a bit. As it lacks in roof height, it’s uncomfortable for tall people.

Boot space is bit tricky, it has 223 litters with third row up but after folding third row it gives 759 liters. If you are travelling with full packed, I mean 7 people in the car, you better advice all to carry light weight luggage as the boot space with third row up, doesn’t give enough space to accommodate too many luggages.

Performance and Driving Experience
Renault Lodgy comes only in diesel variant with 1.5 liters engine. Don’t frown it’s because diesel engine, it’s not noisy like diesel engines, it actually pleasant to drive diesel lodgy as it is completely noiseless, you can actually cut off from all the noise once you close all the windows. Lodgy comes with 108.5 bhp and 84 bhp variants. My team got a chance to try both the variants and I had a chance to drive 84 bhp one. My team mate Omkar drove 108.5 bhp variant, according to him, below 1700 rpm it suffers turbo-lag. I had chance of driving 84 bhp, it gave me a feeling of driving a hatch back, may be that is because I drive an SUV. It has better road grip, I actually tried driving in curves and bends without taking out my foot on accelerator, and it just glides smoothly without a fear of losing road grip. Speed and pick up wise, I am happy as I don’t have plans of getting into racing. High end Lodgy also comes with cruise control but in an Indian roads using cruise control is dream come true.

My Final Verdict
I am happy with Lodgy’s performance wise and also its fuel efficient (20km/ltr). If you are a sedan user, looking for extra seats, maybe it’s a car for you. It’s a car for big Indian family. It is also lot cheaper than Innova but gets most of the MPV at less price. It’s comfortable to drive on Indian road conditions and also has good road grip.

Book your test drive with nearest Renault dealer and experience it because you are your best judge.

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by Renault India

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