Renault Lodgy Review - #LiveLodgycal Drive

One Sunday morning, I was dealing with a irritating phone call, person on other side of the line was performing really well to spoil my Sunday morning. I made a mental note to call my mother, soon after I end this call to take out my frustration about this call. You see , mothers always have ears for your frustrated talks. Call ended and I was trying to dial my mom’s no but only to be interrupted by another call. A male voice on the other end said, My #LiveLoggycal post won the contest and they are flying me to Goa next weekend. I started jumping around out of joy and I dialed my Mom’s number to share this happy news. I completely have forgotten about my previous irritating call. Two phone calls in span of 5 minutes changed my entire Sunday mood.
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Renault India in association with, Invited 40 best bloggers from all the corners of the country to drive and experience Renault’s new MPV range, Renault Lodgy . I am happy to be one among 40 best bloggers across the country who got an opportunity to be a part of this event.
Event was held between 19th June to 21st June. It was a fun filled long weekend in a beautiful leela palace resort, Goa and I am still nursing my Goan hang over. Read ahead, to know more about #LiveLodgycal week end experience.

All credit goes to Ankita Vadel, Harish Krishnan, Ankita Banerjee and Sushma, for pulling this event together along with putting 40 frogs (I mean bloggers) in one bucket. Not an easy task to manage and pull of an event of 40 bloggers who believe in expressing their thoughts freely.

Firstly, Blogadda team formed 10 teams with 4 members in each team. I received an email with names of my team mates and we were asked to connect on twitter and decide a name for our team. We all four were totally unaware of each other and it was the first time we ever interacted. We created chaos on twitter to name our team and we ended up without a name. I was like, what a start as a team.

I met my first team mate, Santosh at Goa airport. We were welcomed by a Leela resort representative with welcome placard.

Lovely Welcome @blogadda @graciousgarg @tina_acharya @santosh_bs@GodsentEvil@madhumitaphukan
— knithaurs (@knithaurs) June 19, 2015

Drive from airport to Leela palace resort took good one hour and gave time to interact with fellow bloggers in couch. We were welcomed like royalties with a garland.

Late in the evening, event started which was hosted by very lively girl, Archana who is also a RJ at Radio mirchi Mumbai. She kept all the bloggers engaged in the event with her witty and spontaneous talks. Finally all our team mates met at the event venue Hampi, and we decided our team name as ‘Organised Chaos’ just before we headed to introduce our self on the stage, It was a real chaos (Organised?)

Team ‘Organised Chaos’ Team introduction on stage

Evening was followed by a presentation by Manish, marketing head of Renault India about Renault’s history and of-course about Renault Lodgy. We called it a night early as the big day was waiting next day.

Presentation by Renault Team

Day 2 started with big fat breakfast, then followed by allocation of car to every team.

The Chaos Creators, Just before the drive

Rain God was in his best mood and was showering every now and the, just to make our monsoon drive memorable.

We were all excited to start epic monsoon drive and we took off after the flag off.

Drive was filled with lots of fun and also a treasure hunt which kept every team member on our toes to finish the tasks.our chaos group got organized on our own and we finished all the tasks by end of the day. At the end of the drive I realsied that, we are not only chaotic but also organised in our own way.

Selfie Chaos with the team

Drive was from Leela palace resort to the Lalith resorts and the entire drive was about 70km. We all team mates took turns to drive and test new Renault Lodgy and also we finished all our tasks on our drive like a cake walk.

— Omkar Thakur (@GodsentEvil) June 20, 2015
We also had a boot picnic, watch this video know all about our Renault Lodgy boot picnic.

@blogadda blogadda @RenaultIndia @santosh_bs @tina_acharya @GodsentEvil #LiveLodgycal

— knithaurs (@knithaurs) June 20, 2015

After our legendary drive, evening started with a cocktail party along with Goa’s best band ‘forefront’ playing in the background, who magically tuned all the bloggers to the young night.


— BlogAdda (@blogadda) June 20, 2015

The BIGGEST PARTY OF THE bloggers is happening at #Livelodgycal here.
— BlogAdda (@blogadda) June 20, 2015

Neha Kapoor, our fellow blogger, kept the night alive with her hidden talent of singing.She also made a best Goa’s band go jobless that night with her talent of making the crowd groove for her voice.

@PWNeha rocking the stage! #Livelodgycal

— BlogAdda (@blogadda) June 20, 2015

Few pictures from the party night.


Day-3– we all got up at our comfort and made our way to the airport to reach our respective cities. Its a heavy feeling to write about getting back to the real world after a fun filled long week end.

Our team Organised Chaos !, lived up to our team name and we all team mates won iPad for being the best team.

The winning team of #LiveLodgycal is #OrganizedChaos! BIG Congratulations to @santosh_bs @GodsentEvil @knithaurs @tina_acharya

— BlogAdda (@blogadda) June 25, 2015

I will write my driving experience in my next post, keep an eye on my blog.

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal in association with Renault India.

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