Singapore Airport-Changi Airport Review Terminal 2

Singapore airport is the best place to wish for a delayed flight…Yeah I know no one likes a delayed flight but this airport makes you wish for it. I read many good reviews about Singapore airport, so I wanted to experience it personally. I arrived at Singapore airport 4 hours early to my flight, so I can have a first-hand experience here.
My flight was from terminal 2, I decided to start discovering Changi Airport from terminal 2.

Soon after checking in, my eyes fell over an Indian restaurant ‘Anand Bhavan’, my Indian soul started craving for some yummy Indian food. Without a second thought, I made my way to the restaurant and satisfied my foodie soul.

Changi Airport offers you plenty of things to make your transit a memorable one and you don’t need to shell out a single penny to have a good time here.

Its too much to expect fresh air inside the airport but if you are in a Changi airport, you can actually wish for some fresh air to breath. There are many terrace gardens in Changi airport ( Butterfly garden, Cactus garden, Sunflower garden). As I was in terminal 2, I got a chance to visit Sunflower Garden. It was a pleasant experience, I spent some time in the garden and I also watched flights taking off and landing from there.

If you are a movie buff or you just get a sudden urge of watching movie, you can head to movie theater and its absolutely free.

If you are tired of a long flight and looking for a nice massage or any other spa/salon treatment you have a choices of spas to choose. You can also rent a room on hours basis and take a nap before your next flight. You also have a option to just rent a shower and feel fresh before your next flight. I didn’t go for any spa treatment but I had a quick peek on a price list and actually prices are pretty reasonable.

If you are on a budget trip, you can enjoy free massage here without shelling out a dime. There are few foot massage chairs, you just need to sit and relax. After walking around, checking out terminal 2, I was exhausted and this free foot massage chairs just worked a charm on my feet.
Personal hygiene Tip- Carry a pair of socks.

Is there is anyone who would say no to shopping? atleast window shopping? Changi airport has plenty to offer for shopaholics like me.

By the time I finished wandering in terminal 2, it was time for my boarding. I wanted to check terminal 1 and 3 as well, but time became my enemy.
Before heading to the boarding, I visited a toilet. Even toilet visit was also a memorable here 🙂

By the time I started walking towards my boarding, I started wishing secretly for a flight delay, so I can check out other terminals. There was no flight delay and I am sure my itchy feet will definitely make me land in Changi airport once again 🙂

Happy Wandering

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