Old Melbourne Gaol museum

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The Old Melbourne Gaol- Museum-Things to do in Melbourne Part-1

I spoke about my visit to Melbourne Gaol in my previous post. Here is the continuation of my experience there. One of the Victorian History you get to experience here is ‘death masks’. Everyone who were hanged during the Goal function were recorded by making plaster cast of their skulls.

The study of Phrenology was in peak during 18th century. Death masks of criminals were made to understand the behavior of criminals based on the shape and skull markings.

Immediately after execution, head would be shaved and made a plaster cast. Later these casts were used to make wax replicas in order to study the skull patterns.

Almost all the cell in the Gaol has been converted into exhibition room which explains the life of prisoners. There are some heart breaking stories who faced execution though they were innocents. Its a heavy feeling to walk from cell to cell and read about the executions.


There was an Indian who was executed in 19th century, his name was Fatta Chand. He was charged with a murder of fellow Indian and after trial, he was hanged in Melbourne Gaol.

Death mask Fatta Chand

Fatta Chand , Indian,executed in 19th century in Melbourne Gaol

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