I told you all in my earlier post about a Thai restaurant I tried in Stanley village. Long Chim Thai cuisine and bar is at 80 street Stanley. Just at the entrance of the Stanley main road and market.

It’s a small restaurant,decorated in very earthen way. I enjoyed my time here to the fullest. Food was served fresh and delicious. Go through my photo blog to know more.

At the Entrance of LONG CHIM

Nothing Extra ordinary,Simple Interiors but very elegant

Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce

Thai Crab Curry

Thai Style Deep Fried Fish

Do not blame me If my pics made you all hungry *wink*

Its Autograph Time

You can write on the wall and leave your impression there. Simple things in life can make a place memorable.

I was Here!!!(Thats what I wrote)

I left my impression there and I hope to find it when ever I get a chance to visit this place again.

Smile!! Smile!!!

Friendly staff of Long Chim restaurant.Their smile was contagious and after a good meal,I carried a smile also back home

If you happen to visit HongKong and Stanley market ,Please try out this restaurant. I am sure you all will enjoy.

Happy Wandering !!!!

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