As usual even this travel wasn’t planned months before. I had to really hunt for good airfare a deal which is more like finding an oasis in desert. One need to be extremely lucky to get good airfare deals in last minute. Finally I settled with Jet Airways as I got better deal compare to other Airlines. My journey started from Bangalore International airport.

I had a tooth extraction few days before travelling. After extraction, it got infected and was almost healing. But flight journey made my infection worse and I was holed up in hotel room for 2 days. Luckily I was carrying painkillers. So for all those who has any infection in tooth or ear is not advisable to take up air travelling, as the variation in air pressure triggers the infection and pain. This is the lesson I learnt in this journey.

I arrived in HongKong International airport at 9.55 AM in the morning with swollen face and also with a mother of a pain. I actually had a thought of going back home taking next flight. But my enthusiasm to explore the city won over my pain.
I was actually worried that Immigration officer will detain me as I was looking totally different from my passport picture. Immigration officer was good human being; he took pity on my face and stamped my passport without any questions.
Airport was pretty clean and I actually got confused with the trains and all inside the airport. After Immigration I had to take a train to get to the exit point. No one actually speaks to anyone there, On top of it all, I had gone mute because of my tooth ache. First I thought the train is to go inside the city. I missed my first train, and the board read another train is arriving in 2 minutes. I missed my 2nd train as well…Later I saw a familiar face from the flight getting into a train, I just followed blindly. Train arrived at the exits entrance.

At the exit, I went to a shop which read mobiles and simcards to pick up a local simcard. Luckily shopkeeper was able to read English, so I wrote it down that I need simcard and took out my passport to give him an ID proof. To my surprise no ID proof for a simcard. I just paid him and got the simcard which worked on my device immediately.

I took a Taxi to my hotel. I stayed in Hotel Rhombus which I booked online. Overly priced hotel and room just ended where it started. Its tiniest hotel room I ever saw. I salute the Chinese architects who build a matchbox room with all amenities inside. Luckily I had booked the room just for 2 nights as I have my earlier experiences with online hotel bookings. Receptionist was too rude. I thought he may have a problem with Indians but soon it was proved wrong as I saw his rude behavior towards European tourists too.

After two days I shifted to another hotel which was much better than Rhombus and here staffs were actually sweet.

After 2 days being holed up in hotel room, I felt better and started exploring the city on 3 rd day.

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One of the experiences I like to share was with taxi guys. One night after pub hopping wanted to get a taxi to my hotel and no taxi is ready to stop. It’s like,they give first preference to the Chinese and then to foreigners. I got pissed and went to the police man who standing nearby to tell him that even taxi driver in their city does discrimination. He tried reasoning with his broken English and he walked away. I still stood good 30min waiting for a taxi. Later police man who was watching me from far took a pity and got hold of a taxi for me.

Happy Wandering

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